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Dr. Tim Wargo Bio

Dr. Wargo is a Family Physician who is interested in whole body medicine or Integrative Medicine. He has over 30 years of clinical experience in the field of medicine including over fifteen years of Integrative therapies.

Original training included St. Michael’s College undergraduate degree in Chemistry, and then Medical degree at the University of Vermont. Graduating in 1974, he undertook a residency program at Andrews AFB in Family Medicine. He then completed his required three years for the Air Force at Carswell AFB, TX. This facility was one of the best in the country for training of family physicians. Dr. Wargo has spent many of his subsequent years in private or group practice in Texas, Vermont, and New Hamphshire. He is now returning to the Waitsfield area to set up his practice in Integrative Therapy at the Mad River Internal Medicine clinic. He will be doing primarily adult medicine ages thirteen and older.

Integrative Medicine involves conventional therapy as well as an approach which evaluates the whole person; life-style changes, including diet, exercise, as well as alternative therapies. This might include acupuncture, massage, herbal therapy, homeopathy, energy work, meditation, guided imagery, chi-gong or Tai chi, yoga, therapeutic touch, to name a few. All of this takes time to evaluate and advise properly and appropriately for the person interviewed, but in the longer view helps the person to live a fuller, healthier life. In fact, the ten-minute quick visit is rare in Doctor Wargo’s practice, and longer detailed sessions are commonplace. It takes time to look at all the details, and to help the person to look at all aspects of their life, beyond drugs and simple changes. People are complex, and honoring all parts of a person is challenging, exciting, and rewarding.

Ultimately it is Dr. Wargo’s dream to extend his care around the State of Vermont, as well as New England. He has already developed an extensive network of providers and supporters of this model in New Hamphshire. He is looking forward to meeting you as provider or as patient, and is excited about beginning this venture in Waitsfield. We live in exciting times and it is time to help all to come forward into a world where all of us are treated with respect and in a whole person way…Integrative Medicine is for the whole person and for life. Come join us on the journey.


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